Where Adult Goalies Turn Back the Clock on Their Game!
You love ice hockey. 

As a goalie, you've stood as the last line of defense for your team, savoring every win and soaking in the camaraderie. But lately, you've been feeling that you’ve lost a step and now that nagging pain in your hip doesn’t go away after a few days like it used to. 

You can’t help but wonder if your team is eyeing a younger replacement, some of the younger goalies in the league are pretty good. You're not ready to hang up those pads, but you need to do something so age won’t edge you out.

Let me share a story about Mike. He was an enthusiastic goalie, but age and a sedentary lifestyle started to take its toll. 

Whispered locker room talks suggested the team was on the lookout for a replacement. Crushed and demotivated, he was almost ready to give up the sport he loved so much.

Then Mike stumbled upon the Coach Maria’s off-ice training system. In just a few months, not only did he save his spot on the team, but he took them all the way to the league championship. 

It came down to a 1-1 tie, and in the nail-biting finale, Mike emerged the hero, stopping every shot in the shootout to earn the Championship (against the team that had beaten them 5-1 earlier in the season).
Introducing the Beer League Boot Camp for Goalies In-Season training program. A downloadable in-season off-ice training program crafted precisely for adult ice hockey goalies like you and Mike.
  • Quick and Efficient Workouts: For those always on-the-go. Fit it into any busy schedule.
  • Hip Mobility Renewed: Say goodbye to the pain and hello to a younger-feeling you.
  • Home or Gym: Use basic workout gear like dumbbells and resistance bands or opt for a basic gym setup.
  • Goalie-Specific Training: Mobility, strength, speed, agility, stamina—all tailored for you, without the added wear and tear or burn out from other programs..
  • Step-by-step Guidance: Video tutorials for each exercise and detailed workout plans to remove all guesswork.
  • Risk-Free: If you feel it's not for you, there's a 30-day full money-back guarantee.
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"I was skeptical at first. But in just a few weeks, I felt a difference. My speed and agility were back! My teammates noticed it too." - Jason
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"Those video tutorials were a godsend! Never felt so confident in my workout regimen. And the best part? Seeing the difference on the ice." - Sarah
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Don't let age sideline you.  Take action now!
Secure Your Spot In The Beer League Boot Camp Downloadable In-Season Training Program
👉 only $537 $397 USD
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Let's Meet Coach M: 
Holding a Masters of Science (KIN) degree, a Certified Exercise Physiologist and the trailblazing force in goalie-specific off-ice training, Coach M stands tall both behind the mask as a recreational goalie and in the realm of elite sports conditioning. 

Boasting a rich legacy of training success, she's helped honed the skills of goalies across the spectrum—from spirited minor leaguers to the star-studded NHL, and from international phenoms to our beloved beer league beauties. 
Maria developed her analysis, program design and coaching skills working with a variety of athletes for the first 20-years of her career, including four Olympic Gold Medalists, across three distinctive sports including the legendary Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir in Figure Skating, the unstoppable Shelina Zadorsky in soccer, and the reigning Olympic Gold Medalist in Decathlon, Damian Warner

Their secret to success? Precision training fine-tuned for peak performance, all while dramatically reducing injury risks. Let her help you do the same.

Furthermore, her expertise has been sought after by professional and national team programs from the NHL,  USA, Slovakia, Czechia, Sweden, Switzerland and more. Maria is more than just a trainer; she's the embodiment of dedication, both as a recreational goalie herself and as a Strength Coach striving to help you achieve your goals and live your dreams.

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I know what you're thinking:
Thought #1: "I'm swamped with my career, family, and my kids' hockey. How can I find the time?"
You’re in luck because the program is specifically designed with busy lives in mind, the Beer League BootCamp offers quick and efficient workouts. I respect your time. Hence, each routine is crafted to deliver maximum impact in minimal time, allowing you to integrate the program seamlessly into your packed schedule.

Thought #2: "It's probably too expensive."
Consider this an investment, not an expense. Think about the costly physiotherapy sessions, potential injuries or the emotional toll of feeling left out due to age-related issues on the ice. In comparison, the Beer League BootCamp provides priceless value, offering techniques and results that far outstrip its cost. Plus, with our 30-day full money-back guarantee, your investment is completely risk-free.

Thought #3: "I'm already in shape; I hit the gym regularly."
That is awesome, you have a head start over your competitors, gym workouts are great for general fitness. However, being a goalie requires specialized skills and reflexes. The BootCamp is tailored to enhance goalie-specific mobility, agility, speed, and stamina. Even if you're in great shape, this program will take your performance from good to extraordinary translating your gains in the gym directly onto the ice..

Thought #4: "I'll need to ask my spouse."
That's entirely fair! Please discuss it with your partner, keeping in mind the life-changing benefits and my reputation for success. Your spouse would want the best for you – a chance to excel at what you love, and with the credentials and proven track record I bring, this is an opportunity worth considering.

Thought #5: "I already follow your videos on YouTube."
My YouTube videos are just a sneak peek! The Beer League BootCamp is a comprehensive, structured program with in-depth video tutorials for each exercise, specific workout plans, and much more. It's the difference between watching trailers and experiencing the full movie.
LOSING AGILITY: Without specialized training, age-related decline in performance is inevitable.

RISKING INJURY: General fitness doesn't equip you with the precise skills needed for the demanding role of a goalie.

DECREASED CONFIDENCE: Feeling out of sync on the ice can seriously dent your confidence, affecting overall gameplay.

POTENTIAL REPLACEMENT: Teams evolve. Don't let age push you into the sidelines.

REGRET: One of the worst feelings is wondering, "What if?" Seize this chance now, and never have that regret. None of us are getting younger.

Choose the path that Olympic champions and hundreds of goalies have chosen already. Stay agile, stay young, STAY IN THE GAME. Secure your spot in the Beer League BootCamp for Goalies today!
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My Frozen Promise To You: All Gain, No Ice Cold Regrets
30-Day Ice-Cold Promise: Dive into the Beer League BootCamp, and if you don't feel a chill of improvement in your bones within 30 days, I'll slide your money back faster than a puck on fresh ice. No icy stares, no cold shoulders—just a straightforward, frosty guarantee. So lace up and give it a shot; there's zero risk and all the gain! 
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What Are You Actually Getting?
How Does It Work?
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Goalie-specific Mobility Routines: Slide, glide, and defend like you're 10 years younger!  Develop the mobility to stop more pucks, reduce your risk of injury and eliminate your pain and stiffness the morning after a game.
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Quick and Efficient Workouts: Perfect for the bustling adult life. You can do your workouts at any gym or workout at home with a few dumbbells and bands.

Workout duration: 20-40 mins.
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Comprehensive Video Tutorials: Ensure each move is perfected for maximum impact. Your technique directly impacts the effectiveness of the program, so each and every exercise is featured in a short tutorial video so you know what to do.
Dive Into The Four Phase In-Season Training System That Transforms Your Game
Phase 1: Core Reset
Reconstruct your game from the inside out? Welcome to Core Reset, the launch pad for your transformation. In this pivotal phase, you'll fine-tune hip alignment, embrace impeccable posture, and awaken deep stabilizers—your under-the-radar heroes of strength and agility on the ice.
Phase 2: Flare Dynamics
You've mastered the fundamentals. Now, it’s time to catapult your game to the next level. In this dynamic phase, it's not just about opening your hips—it's about mastering control through their full range of motion.
Phase 3: Dominant Reslilience
Designed to turbocharge your strength, stamina, and in-net agility. From mastering hip control for wider butterfly splits to boosting your aerobic capacity and explosive strength, prepare to become an unstoppable force between the pipes."
Phase 4: Velocity Fusion
Fusing mobility, strength, and stamina to make you the ultimate netminder. From mastering hip and ankle control for agile movements to training your 'stop & go' stamina for enduring high-pressure situations, get ready to outmaneuver forwards and dominate the ice like never before.
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QUESTION: What exactly is the Beer League BootCamp for Goalies?
Answer: The Beer League BootCamp is a specialized off-ice training program tailored for adult ice hockey goalies. It focuses on enhancing goalie-specific mobility, strength, agility, and stamina through efficient workouts that can be done at home or a basic gym.

QUESTION: I have a hectic schedule. How long are the workouts?
Answer: We've designed this program with busy schedules in mind. The workouts are quick, efficient, and easily integrated into any day, ensuring you get maximum impact in minimal time. On average the workouts will take 20-45-minutes.

QUESTION: Do I need specialized equipment or a gym membership?
Answer: Not at all! You can complete the workouts at home with basic workout gear, like dumbbells and/or resistance bands. If you have a basic gym membership, that works too!

QUESTION: How is this different from general fitness routines?
Answer: While general fitness is great, being a goalie requires specialized skills and reflexes. The BootCamp is strategically  tailored to enhance goalie-specific attributes on the ice where it matters, taking your performance from good to extraordinary.

QUESTION: Are there video guides for the exercises?
Answer: Yes! You get video tutorials for each exercise to ensure you're executing them with the proper technique, optimizing results and minimizing injury risks.

QUESTION: I'm new to goalie training. Will this program be too advanced for me?
Answer: The program is designed to cater to adult goalies of all levels, whether you are a beginner on the ice or a seasoned veteran, the BootCamp will help you build a strong foundation.. It'll challenge you, but also ensure you progress at a pace comfortable for you.

QUESTION: How does the 30-day money-back guarantee work?
Answer: Dive into the BootCamp, and if you don’t witness improvements within 30 days, we'll refund your money—no questions asked. It's our "Ice-Cold Promise" to you.

QUESTION: I already follow Maria's videos on YouTube. Why should I invest in this program?
Answer: While the YouTube videos offer a taste, the Beer League BootCamp provides an in-depth, structured, comprehensive training regimen. It's the difference between a trailer and a full feature film!

QUESTION: Can I consult someone if I have doubts or need personalized advice?
Answer: Absolutely! If you have any questions about the program, let us know and Maria will answer you during her weekly LIVE Q&A.  This is not a private coaching program, so there is no personal coaching element and no program customization.  Maria has other programs like the Game Winning Goalie Formula and the Turning Pro Coaching Program that provide more personal guidance and program design.

QUESTION: Is the program suitable for goalies outside North America?
Answer: Definitely! Whether you're from Slovakia, Czechia, Sweden, or anywhere else in the world, the foundational principles of goaltending remain the same. Our program is universally applicable and beneficial.

QUESTION: How does the Bootcamp differ from the Game Winning Goalie Formula and the Turning Pro Coaching Program?
Answer: This is a stand alone program that any goalie can access, there is no requirement for an interview before joining.  It provides a perfect platform to begin your goalie specific journey.  Maria’s other programs are Coaching programs where she interacts personally with the goalies or a group or individual basis.  The BootCamp does not include any personal coaching from Maria.
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Have questions or need our help? Contact us at: help[at]goalietrainingpro.com