How To Become The Goalie Who Skates Off The Ice Knowing They Just Stole The Win For Their Team.

8 Out Of 10 Goalies Secretly Feel They Could Have Done More To Earn A Win For Their Team.  Are You One Of Them?
It’s okay if you are one of those 8 goalies described above, because the truth is, most of them are right.

Let me explain.

Think of the last game where you gave up goals against that made you feel frustrated.  Go ahead, right now, picture the two that frustrated you the most.  Not the ones where you blame your D-men… the ones YOU know YOU could have had.

Now answer the question, “What would I need to do to make that save next time?”

I bet the answer was one or more of the following:
  • I need more flexibility to get in the right position
  • I need more speed to beat the pass and be set for the shot
  • I need more athleticism to recover for that second (or third) effort save
  • I need better stamina so I don’t run out of gas
  • I need to stay focussed
  • I need to deal with my negative self-chatter when things aren’t going my way
  • I need to track the puck better
  • I need to get better at knowing my angles and depth
Now ask yourself “What exactly am I doing to improve in those areas?”

Unless you can pull out a training journal and copy and paste a proven (i.e. not a workout that you’ve cobbled together yourself from Instagram and YouTube) goalie specific strength and conditioning program then the answer is “No”.

And that’s okay, it’s actually great news because it means you have a TON of untapped potential!  It’s exciting.
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In my 25+ years as a Certified Exercise Physiologist I’ve had the opportunity to train Olympic Champions in 3 different sports and professional athletes from the NHL, MLB, NFL, CFL and more. When I start working with an athlete who has been doing mostly the right things for several years, I know I can help them perform better and stay healthier, but I also know the window may be limited because they have already tapped into so much of their potential.

When I start working with a goalie who is playing pretty well, but they have spent the last few years ‘stretching’ and getting strong in the gym, I get excited because I know they have a TON of untapped potential remaining.

So it’s a good thing you have found your way to this page. So instead of having:

  • Stiff hips
  • Narrow butterfly
  • Trouble playing with patience because you are always behind the play
  • Trouble recovering for 2nd effort saves
  • Hip pain
  • Back pain
  • No gas in the tank by the end of the 2nd
  • To slide for saves because you are too slow to beat the pass on your skates
  • Recurring injuries
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You can finally have hips that move the way you need to move so you are making saves that even catch YOU by surprise when you kick your pad out in desperation and you hear the best sound in the world - the puck hitting your pad 💪

You will finally
do the things on the ice your goalie coach has been trying to get you to do - looking at you RVH/post integration 😉

You will still feel tired by the end of a tough game, but won’t completely run out of gas, even though you’re tired, you will still be battling.  You will still perform with power and precision.

You will beat the pass on your feet, so you are set for the shot. In fact it will feel awkward at first when you have so much time before the release. It feels a bit like cheating when you are ahead of the game rather than chasing it.

You will stay more compact on your first saves, so you are in a great position to transition for a second save off the rebound (if needed).

And even though you are probably working on narrowing your stance, you will develop the skill of moving explosively from all your different stances - from your narrow stance to your wide low stance, you will get to where you need to be quickly.
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When I started working with Evan he told me he had really stiff hips and that he had been told by the AAA coach who had just cut him that he needed to be faster if he was going to play at the next level.

The day I met him, his team had just lost a game 3-2 the night before.  I wanted to get a sense of his mindset, so I asked him to describe the day (we spoke at around 8:15pm in his time zone that day). The words I wrote down in my notebook to describe his current state were:
  • Lack of confidence
  • Uncertainty
  • Disappointment
  • Lack of consistency
  • Frustration
  • Self doubt
  • Nervous
I am paraphrasing here, but here’s how he basically described that day it as we worked together to get a detailed sense of where he was at and what he was thinking at that time:

He woke up and it took him a minute or two before his back and hips would let you stand upright as he walked to the bathroom. 

He was frustrated with himself because he knew he should have had 2 of those 3 goals (he only faced 18 shots).  He told me he knew exactly what to do (he’d even worked on it in practice), he told his body to do it, but he just didn’t quite get there.

He tried to deflect a little bit too, blaming his D a little bit. Then he second guessed himself - maybe they WERE unstoppable shots.

He shared how he was so frustrated that he vowed to do better next time.  He even did some stretches that morning and went to the gym at lunch where he really pushed himself to lift heavier weights than before to get stronger.  When I asked him what he wanted to accomplish by getting stronger in the gym he said, ‘hopefully that will help me get in front of more pucks’. 
HOPE  Was His Strategy.
Later in the day at practice he admitted to feeling a bit nervous. He felt like everyone was a little LESS happy to see him than normal (they probably weren’t btw - everyone is too busy worrying about their own stuff, but it felt that way because he knew he could have done better).

He got into his gear and avoided joining in on the conversation about last night's game with his teammates because he didn’t want to risk shifting the topic of conversation to his play. 

When he stepped out on the ice, the coach started with a 15-minute bag skate and he said he felt responsible for that, even though his teammates told him it wasn’t his fault.

He wanted to work on things in practice, but it was hard to make progress as every puck that snuck past him brought back those feelings of doubt.  “Am I really as good as everyone thinks I am or am I a fraud?”  (FYI: It’s called “Imposter syndrome and we all get it, but that doesn’t help you right now.).
He drove home from practice painfully aware that the window to achieve his goals was shrinking every day.  

He said what so many other goalies have told me.  He knew there were a million things he could work on to move him closer to his goals, but he had no idea which action was right for him.

He described it really well, he said, ‘it’s like one of those game shows where there is $1 million in a briefcase, but there are 27 identical briefcases.’ You only have so many chances to pick the right one and you have no idea which one to choose.

You need someone to help you narrow down on the right briefcase… that’s where the Game Winning Goalie Formula comes in.
Harness The Game Changing Power Of This Proven Goalie Specific Training Program Without Wasting Years Of Your Career On Trial And Error Training
We talked about the power of following a proven plan.  

Just like everyday at home, cooks can follow a recipe from a world renowned chef and create something delicious at home by following the simple steps.

If I were to try and make my own lasagna at home by guessing at the recipe, it probably would not taste that great; but if I follow the simple steps laid out by an elite chef, it is going to be delicious - - saving me a lot of time, energy, money and frustration in the process compared to trial and error.
That's When He Joined The Game Winning Goalie Formula.
Two months later I caught up with Evan again after another 3-2 loss oddly enough, so I went through the “describe your day” exercise with him again, just to get a sense of his mindset at that moment and the changes were stunning…

The loss still kinda sucked, but this time he knew what he did wrong - it was a small technical issue he had been working on and improving - it’s tough to change glove position mid-season, but he was working on it.

He was able to get out of bed feeling good about his performance - he faced 42 shots last night and two of the goals came on the PK.

Win or lose his actions were the same that day - he was no longer blown by the wind of emotion based on wins and losses, his mission stayed the same day in and day out:
Follow the plan to become the best goalie he could be.

So he had a healthy breakfast, hit the gym at lunch knowing exactly what to do - what exercises, how many sets, reps, what tempo to use, every detail.  

He didn’t have to think or guess, he just had to follow the proven plan and put in the work day after day. He just had to follow the recipe.

And he knew that with every mobility, strength, speed or stamina session he would build his on-ice toolbox.  After only 2-months he was amazed at a few saves he had no business making.  His coaches and teammates were amazed too!

Now when he gets to practice he knows that he is a work in progress just like everyone else on the team, but he KNOWS that he is putting in the RIGHT work to get better and better.  He knows he is doing his best to help himself and his team.

When he steps on the ice he is ready to put in the work, he isn’t worrying about what others might be thinking. He is focussed on practising that new glove position, playing with freedom while moving with speed and precision.

On his drive home he feels good about the work he put in.  He appreciates the improvements and thinks about the next piece of the puzzle he needs to get that little bit better tomorrow.

He might not find the $1 million briefcase, but at least he has a plan to zero in on growing into the goalie he has always wanted to be.
And it’s not just Evan who saw this kind of transformation.  The programs are designed to meet you where you’re at, so you are doing the right training for where you are now.  That’s how goalies from minor hockey, adult leagues, junior hockey, college and the pro levels all see results on the ice.
But don’t take my word for it, here’s what they have to say:
“Before I started working with Maria I was kind of blindly trying to figure out strength and mobility for goalies. I’d do the classic hour long stretch after workouts and at night, only to wake up the next morning feeling more sore and more tight.

She totally has changed my off ice regimen and I feel like that has led to on ice success and something I’ve been looking for for a long time.
If there was one thing I could tell my younger self it would be to seek out Maria sooner.”

Jake Keilly - Pro Goaltender
“I didn't expect the GWGF to have such an impact on my Speed and explosiveness even in outer range movements”

Corbin Sanderman - AAA Goalie
“Since starting the GWGF my speed on the ice has increased to a point where I have to improve my braking technique both standing up and sliding not to overshoot the play.”

Julien Fortes Da Cruz - Adult - minor pro goalie
“Since starting the GWGF my speed on the ice has been so crazy. I can now beat the pass to the shooter giving me more time to read and react!

After the first week of practices everyone is bending over gasping for air and I’m the only one standing straight up.”

Tara Metzger - Adult Goalie
“I do not tire as easily, enough so that my teammates have noticed the change in my play.”

Glenn Cunningham - Adult Goalie
“Overall, I feel I have better control, especially in those awkward
positions goalies can find themselves in. Maria does a great job of providing committed goalies the off-ice training they need to take their game to the next level.”

Jaxson Stauber - Pro Goaltender, Hobie Baker Nominee
  • You’ve tried all sorts of different exercises from instagram.  But you want to see dramatic results on the ice.  So it’s time you met the
    Game Winning Goalie Formula.

  • You’ve tried all sorts of different exercises from instagram.  But you want to see dramatic results on the ice.  So it’s time you met the Game Winning Goalie Formula.

  • You’ve tried all sorts of different exercises from instagram.  But you want to see dramatic results on the ice.  So it’s time you met the Game Winning Goalie Formula.


The Game Winning Goalie Formula is for aspiring stud goalies who want to play with more confidence and consistency in the next 30-days without spending hours burning out in the gym.

Other internet trainers will give you a downloadable program.  The Game Winning Goalie Formula gives you proven training plans based on your age, ability, experience and goals PLUS you get direct access to Maria Mountain whenever you need help.

Let’s look at everything you get:

We don’t call it the Game Winning Goalie Formula for nothing.  Transforming your MOBILITY, FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH, SPEED AND STAMINA ON THE ICE is the heart of the GWGF.  Your training will be periodized  so you continue to progress and develop from month to month without hitting those frustrating plateaus.

When your body can move the way you need it to move and when you start making those saves where even you are saying “HOW did I DO that?”, things get pretty exciting, your confidence grows, you play with more patience.
I know training can be boring for some of you, especially when you aren’t seeing dramatic results on the ice; with the GWGF, on-ice success and monthly training progressions keep it fresh and keep you coming back for more. 

VALUE: $3997 USD
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I am a Coach first and foremost; I know that there is a huge difference in the results you get when you do something right vs. do it with poor technique. I want you to succeed, so I am going to make sure you are doing the exercises right.

I’ll review your training schedule each and every week to make sure you have the right volume based on what else is going on in your life - school, hockey, work, etc.

And to be sure you get the help you need when you need it, there are two ways to get in touch with Maria directly:

  1. During your weekly live GWGF Coaching Call where we get to spend some facetime together via Zoom.  It's the perfect time to go over exercise technique live; to chat about any issues you are having with your training, to share your successes and be inspired by your GWGF teammates as they share their love of goaltending.

  2. In your private Coaching Group Maria is in this group 6 days per week to review your training schedule, check on your personal accountability thread and to answer any questions you have specifically for her.  Every month there is a thread called "Questions for Maria", this is your direct line to get any and all questions answered.  Not sure of the right technique, ask here.  Not sure your nutrition is on-point, Maria will help get it sorted out. Feeling like your training load is too hard or too easy, just ask and she'll make sure you are getting what you need.

VALUE: $2997 USD 
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Training and Coaching is the heart of the GWGF, but what about on-ice techniques and strategies? What about nutrition?  What about the mental side?

The GWGF Development Curriculum has that covered for you with more than 15 supplemental lessons on everything from the science behind why we train the way we do, nutrition, goalie mindset, on-ice technique, puck handling and more.

You will get to learn from: Thomas Magnusson, Michael Lawrence, Brian Daccord, Pete Fry, Michael Garmin, Josh Robinson, Justin Goldman and more.
  • The 3 Phases Of The Save With Director Of Swedish Goaltending Development Thomas Magnusson
  • Game Winning Confidence with Pete Fry
  • How To Play With Patience

VALUE: $1997 USD

  • Game Winning Nutrition with Mariah Fujimagari
  • What Scouts Are Looking For with Brian Daccord
  • On-Ice Quiet Feet with Michael Lawrence
  • Puck handling 101 with Josh Robinson and more...
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Being a goalie is isolating.  Half of your coaches and all of your teammates think being a goalie is so easy that you don’t even get a workout on the ice.  They joke that now you need to go get a workout in.

Only a goalie understands a goalie.

And only a goalie understands the struggles you go through each and every season.  That’s where the GWGF Training Group comes in.

And only a goalie understands the struggles you go through each and every season.  That’s where the GWGF Training Group comes in.  From all ages and all abilities, we all experience the same highs and lows - but it isn’t until you are part of a team (more of a family really) of goalies who really GET IT, that you appreciate that it’s not just you.  Trust me, it helps more than you can imagine.

The great thing about your GWGF training group is how supportive they are, no matter how old you are or what level you play at.  There is absolutely no chirping tolerated, it’s all about helping each other be the best we can be.

Here’s what some of our goalies have to say about being a part of the GWGF Team…



“Since joining the GWGF I have become a more confident person both on and off the ice. I feel like I’ve become a member of an exclusive club that only the very best people can be apart of. A group of goalies that has expanded my friend circle and made me look forward to traveling more to meet them in person.”


“The best thing about the GWGF is The community of goalies all striving to be the best goalie they can be and helping each other through their ups and downs”

Corbin S

They say 'the more you tell, the more you sell' which is true... but only if people actually read what you write. People read text that's punchy, interesting and helps them make a good buying decision.
“I didn't expect the GWGF to have such an impact on my Life! It’s not just a goalie thing. The GWGF really takes you and your life into account and helps make you a better human. The support in the group is unparalleled”

Katerin J

If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.  That’s why I’ve created video tutorials showing you how to do each and every exercise in your workout plan.  It is linked right to your workout PDF, so you just click it and I’ll show you exactly how to do it so you are training the right muscles and getting the most benefit.

VALUE: $1797 USD

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That's a total value of $10,788 USD
But you know how this works, you are not going to pay that, if you apply today you can get access to the:
  • SV% Shrinking Training plans to transform your on-ice mobility, functional strength, speed, stamina and stability
  • Actual coaching from Maria Mountain, MSc., so you aren't left alone to just follow a workout, Maria is there to help every step of the way
  • Goaltender Development Curriculum because not everyone has access to an on-ice goalie coach, mental training specialist, nutritionist, etc.
  • The GWGF Team of motivated goalies, so you are surrounded by positive, supportive goaltenders, who actually understand what you are going through
  • Video Tutorial for each and every exercise, so you can feel the difference between 'doing the exercise' and doing it properly, so you are using the right muscles to maximize your results on the ice. 
You will pay only $2497 USD
(if you are accepted into the group)
If you APPLY TODAY, you will have the opportunity to save $497 USD with the FAST ACTION DISCOUNT

  1. Click on the button below that says "GET STARTED NOW! APPLY HERE" and complete your application.
  2. The last step of the application will prompt you to book an interview so we can meet you and learn more about your hockey and so you can get all your questions about the program answered (it has to be the right fit for both of us).
  3. Complete your interview and if it is the right fit for all of us, you will join the GWGF Team and start training right away.

This program is not for everyone.  The fact that you are ready and willing to invest in the GWGF does not guarantee your enrollment.  If it isn't the right fit at this time, that's okay, we'll give you some training options that might better suit you right now.

    “Since training with Maria, both my personal and team goalie coaches commented on my much improved speed in net which was an aspect of my game that lacked previously”

    Ethan Haider - NCAA/NHL Drafted Goalie

    “The biggest improvements I've noticed have been, the range in my hips, along with newfound explosiveness around the crease”

    JD Low - AAA Goalie

    “I’ve also seen a major improvement in my stamina. Without a doubt I would not have had the stamina to hang on during our double OT gold medal provincials win without this program

    Whenever I wear my GTP gear, I wear that logo proudly like a badge of honour. And this might sound cheesy, but whenever I need a mental reset during a game - I always think about the goalie family I’ve got behind me in my corner and I am instantly calm.”

    LJ Gibbs - Adult Goalie

    Who Is This Online Coaching Program For?
    The GWGF is for goalies who:
    • Are 14 years of age and up (they MUST be 14 at the time of their interview)
    • Who live anywhere in the world and want access to elite level training 
    • Does not want to waste their window of development taking a trial and error approach
    • Wants to continue playing the sport they love for as long as possible
    • Believe they have untapped potential; but you just don't know how to unlock it
    • Is a good goalie, who believes you can be GREAT!
    • Struggles with playing consistently
    • 100% appreciates that it will take time and effort to become the best goalie you can be
    • Is prepared to face the physical and emotional ups and downs of the journey toward elite
    • Are undersized; who know they won’t get the benefit of the doubt, let’s show them you deserve the start
    • Travel for work because you can do the workouts with minimal equipment
    • Have a jerk for a Coach; they won’t be able to ignore you anymore after your transformation
    • Lack the confidence of their coaches and teammates; that’ll change when you start making more saves in practice and winning more games
    • Are on a limited budget; don’t waste your time, money and energy working on things that won’t translate onto the ice
    • Play on a really bad team; there is no better way to stand out to scouts than make a boatload of saves when they can see you are being hung out to dry 
    • Don’t have access to a gym; if you can cobble together some dumbbells and resistance bands, you are all set.  It’s the workouts that matter, not the equipment
    • Need more mental strength; build your discipline by committing to your training, put in the work and step on the ice with the confidence of knowing you’re prepared
    • Are too busy to spend hours training; see results on the ice with only 2.5 hours of training per week
    • Does workouts with their team; but doesn’t get the goalie specific work that keeps you explosive and healthy during the season.  I have very quick specific workout plans for you to follow so you get the gains, without the added fatigue
    Ever Feel Like The Coach Doesn't Trust You?
    Maybe right now you feel like the coach doesn’t trust you.  Maybe your teammates don’t as well - are they trying to play goal in front of you? Even worse, maybe you walked into the dressing room one day and there’s a new goalie who’s “just coming out for practices” sitting there.

    The truth is, you are a work in progress.  If you love being a goaltender; if you are committed to being the best you can be and if you understand (really understand) that it will take years to get there, then you are already way ahead of the game.

    You are way ahead of the game because you are here looking for a proven solution to your problem.  

    The problem is, it’s tough to get looks if you aren’t actually in the net winning games.

    It won’t happen overnight, although in the first 2-months you will definitely make saves that shock your coaches, teammates and yourself.  

    Your team will see the difference, maybe they will see the extra work you are putting in, THEY will start to cheer for you - they will want you to get a chance and when you do, you will deliver.

    You’ll go from feeling like a fringe player to an essential ingredient in the team’s success.  

    You’ll stop feeling like a victim of circumstances and you’ll start feeling you have more control and more to contribute.  You will embrace your roll and you will shine.
    Don't Let Them Get You Down
    I know you see teams making decisions based on size.
    I know there are trainers out there telling you that you just need to get strong.

    Even your goalie coach is giving you workouts to do based on what they did 20 years ago in college.  

    It can all get overwhelming and frustrating and sometimes a little hopeless.  That’s why we focus on what we can control and we take ownership of what we can control. You can’t control your size or what they think of you, but you can control your speed, mobility and athleticism.  And THAT is your path to stopping more pucks… and when you stop more pucks than the big guys (a LOT more pucks), then you get the opportunities.

    Not fair, but true.

     Being strong is good - but not many pucks go in the net because you aren’t strong enough to make the save… those pucks go in because you were either in the wrong position or you were too slow.  PERIOD.  

    I can’t help you find the right position in your net, but 100% I can help you get to where you need to be.

    The higher you want to go in sport the more you need to specialize - when you are a kid and your goalie coach tells you to do 30 push ups and 50 burpees everyday to get in shape because that’s what he used to do back in college, that’s fine - it’s probably not going to hurt you.

    But as you start transitioning to becoming a full time goalie with some big goals that you are serious about chasing, you need to follow a proven plan that has worked for more than a thousand goalies before you.  

    Because who knows how good your goalie coach could have been if they had the opportunities you have to get access to the right kind of training.  Who knows, maybe those workouts they put together for themself really hindered their development.

    You are lucky to be a goalie at this time - you can get access to elite level goalie specific training from anywhere in the world at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a personal trainer - that is pretty cool

    You literally have no excuse to NOT reach your potential.  If you are tired of waiting for it to happen and ready to make good things happen for yourself, then let’s talk.

    What Are You Waiting For?
    Here's What To Do Next...
    STEP 1: Fill out the short application form by clicking the button below.
    STEP 2: Book an interview so we can decide if this is the right fit for both of us.

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