Discover The Critical Development Window For Young Goalies To Elevate Their Game And Play With Confidence 
Unlock the Secret Window of Potential Most Goalies Miss: If you're a parent of a pre-teen goalie, you're standing before a golden—but often overlooked—opportunity. Forget the myth that this age is all about building muscle and power.

That's not where the magic happens. Not yet 😉!

What if I told you there's a limited-time 'Neural Development Window' that can shape your child's career in ways you've never imagined?

During these critical years, your young goalie has the extraordinary capacity to internalize new motor skills, create efficient movement patterns, and set the stage for a lifetime of agility—both on the ice and in the gym.

Welcome To The NEW! NextGEN Goalie Academy...
Where I've turned this often-missed window into a launchpad for greatness. And the skills they gain? Those are for keeps, shaping their performance long into their career...and even further.

Intentionally Crafted for Pre-Teen Excellence: Say goodbye to generic training programs that ignore the specific needs of young goalies. With the NextGEN Goalie Academy online program, I’ve revolutionized the approach to youth goalie training, with a curriculum that is both age-appropriate and laser-focused on the unique demands of goaltending.

What Sets It Apart?
🥅 Goalie-Specific Workouts: Designed exclusively for goalies aged 10-13, your workouts target the skills that matter most, bypassing irrelevant exercises.

🥅 Master the Fundamentals: I prioritize exceptional quality of movement in essential actions like squatting, pushing, and pulling—all while maintaining a rock-solid torso. The result? A young goalie who moves with unprecedented precision and stability.

🥅 Inside-Out Stability: Forget strength-first approaches that compromise stability. We start from the core, building an unshakeable foundation before adding layers of strength.

🥅 Efficient Movement Patterns: From the crease to the gym, I focus on crafting efficient movements that maximize performance and minimize risk.

🥅 Tailored Training Volume: My programs honour the developmental stage of your young athlete, ensuring that the volume of training is tuned to nurture, not overwhelm.

🥅  Risk Free: 30-Day full money back NetGuard Guarantee
Get access to the NextGEN Goalie Academy before anyone else for only $497 $397USD
Who Is Coach M?
And why should you trust her?
As a Certified Exercise Physiologist with a Masters in Kinesiology, Coach M is a leading authority in goalie-specific training. Beyond the credentials, she plays between the pipes as a recreational goalie, offering a unique blend of scientific expertise and on-ice experience.

Her training legacy spans from young aspirants to NHL standouts and includes work with four Olympic Gold Medalists in various sports, such as figure skating legends Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, soccer star Shelina Zadorsky, and decathlon champion Damian Warner.
With a focus on precision training tailored for peak performance and injury prevention, Coach M's expertise is globally recognized, having influenced professional and national teams from the NHL to Europe.

🎓 Credentials: MSc in Kinesiology and a Certified Exercise Physiologist.

🏒 Real-world Experience: Not just a coach but a recreational goalie too.

🌟 Proven Track Record:

  • Coached from young guns to NHL elites.
  • Worked with four Olympic Gold Medalists, including legends like Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

📈 The Secret Sauce:

  • Precision training programs.
  • Tailored for peak performance.
  • Focused on injury prevention.

🌍 Global Recognition:

  • Sought-after by pro leagues and national teams worldwide.
  • Influence stretching from the NHL to Europe.

🎯 Your Goal, My Mission: More than just a trainer, I'm your dedicated partner in achieving your goaltending dreams.

Introducing the 30-Day Full Money Back 'NetGuard' Guarantee 👇
Your investment in your young goalie's future is safeguarded with our unbeatable 30-Day 'NetGuard' Money-Back Guarantee. Enroll in NextGEN Goalie Academy and dive into the training. If you don't see noticeable improvement in your goalie's performance or if it's just not the right fit, simply let us know within the first 30 days. We'll refund your money, no questions asked. It's our way of ensuring that this program is everything we promise—your ultimate training ground for goalie greatness.

But make sure you read the fine print... oh wait, there is no fine print 😂

How Does the NextGEN Goalie Academy build elite level goalies?
Dive into three progressive phases designed to supercharge your goalie game:
🥅 Phase 1: Balanced Beginnings
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Kickstart your journey with workouts like Balance Brigade and Core Commander. These aren't just exercises; they're building blocks for mastering hip mobility, lateral movement, and foundational core stability. Achieve pitch-perfect form to pave the way for a standout goalie career.
🥅 Phase 2: Core & More
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Elevate your game with the COREFORCE 5, Core Cadet, and 5-Hole Focus workouts. Harness my signature "Inside-Out Approach" to awaken your deep, stabilizing muscles before leveling up to the powerhouse prime movers.
🥅 Phase 3: Fast & Functional
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Cap off your transformation with the Lateral Lab, Crease Control, and Power + Patience workouts. It's not about jumping higher or working harder; it's about mastering skillful and balanced movement in dynamic situations. Learn to move with agility while maintaining rock-solid stability.

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to equip your young goalie with the skills and knowledge that will propel them into a successful, injury-minimized future. Remember, the Neural Development Window won’t stay open forever. Make the most of it with NextGEN Goalie Academy online training program.

Seize the Neural Development Window while it's open—secure your spot in NextGEN Goalie Academy today!

F.A.Q. - Fun Answers, Quirky Questions 🧐
🏒 Q: Do I need to break the bank on gym equipment?
ANSWER: Nope! Your living room's practically a gym already.  Just grab some medium and light resistance bands, a miniband, a yoga mat or folded towel and probably a sofa cushion or two and you're all set.
🏒 Q: Is this like a kiddie version of CrossFit?
ANSWER: While some gains are on the agenda, this program is more about teaching your goalie-in-the-making the ABCs of movement, stability and body awareness.  So less 'Arnold Schwarzenegger', more 'movement maestro'
🏒 Q: But my kid is the next Carey Price. Can we bulk up already?
ANSWER: Slow down turbo! This is about setting up a career, not just one season.  We're building a foundational toolbox for lifelong hockey success.  Save the bulk for the Thanksgiving turkey.
🏒 Q: Can my goalie go solo on this?
ANSWER: There are detailed video tutorials, but a supervising adult is recommended at least initially.  BONUS: It makes for some quality parent-goalie bonding time!
🏒 Q: What about my 8-year-old future NHL star?
ANSWER: Eight is great, but this program is geared for goalies 10 and up.  Let them be kids and play some road hockey for now!
🏒 Q: J'habite en France. Est-ce possible?
ANSWER: Oui, oui! This program is as downloadable as your favourite French film.  Train from anywhere, even the Eiffel Tower if you dare!
🏒 Q: How do I set up these online workouts?
ANSWER: No scheduling needed! This isn't a live Zumba class; it is a self-paced program you can do whenever you're not watching hockey highlights.
🏒 Q: Got a burning question for Coach M?
ANSWER: Shoot me a detailed email (videos welcome) and catch my answer during my weekly LIVE Q&A that is posted to both Instagram and
🏒 Q: What if I change my mind?
ANSWER: It happens! That's why there's a 30-day 'NetGuard' Guarantee.  You can get all the details HERE.  No hard feelings here, just hard training!
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