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This Is Exactly How I Train Pro Goalies…

Here's what NHL Goalie Carter Hutton has to say about the Turning Pro Coaching program.

“After using Maria's program I have had the smoothest transition from the gym onto the ice of my professional career.  Her attention to detail of my specific needs elevated my strength and conditioning, eliminated a chronic injury and improved my flexibility.”

Carter Hutton, NHL goalie

Thanks for your interest in the Turning Pro Coaching Program.  I'd love to personally work with you, so let's see if it's the right fit.  I've given you all the details below and hopefully answered all your questions about this unique coaching program.

Do any of these describe you?

✓ You are a good goalie who believes you can be great, you just don't know how to get there

✓ You word hard but fail to see dramatic results on the ice 

✓ You skate off the ice after a loss feeling you should have had at least 2 of those goals

✓ You see other goalies leaving you in their dust as they move up and you are stuck

✓ You wish you could play with the patience or confidence of Price or Holtby

✓ You don't want to waste your time and energy guessing at how you should train

If we work together my goal is to have you feeling and moving better than ever on the ice within the first 6-weeks - - and that is just scratching the surface.  I've been working with elite goalies as their Strength & Conditioning Coach for the past 20 years and they pay a premium to work with me in person around the globe.

And in that time, I've come to understand virtually every problem hockey goalies face - and they boil down to a number of simple principles:

  1. Delivering the MOBILITY that gives goalies strength at length
  2. Building core STABILITY and teaching neutral pelvis while developing strength
  3. Training goalie STAMINA so you maintain your speed and power when fatigued

Those are the principles we address with your training specifically as they relate to YOUR needs based on your training age, level of play, injury history and more.

If you think on-ice goalie camps are they way to maximize your development, here's how Training Pro goes way beyond a week long camp.

Turning Pro Goes Way Beyond A Week Long On-Ice Goalie Camp

This isn't like investing in a one week goalie camp where you spend five days on the ice learning awesome drills, working so hard that you can barely skate after the first two days and then you go back home and keep doing what you have always done, without any on-going follow up or development.

Maybe you remember a few of your favourite drills from the camp and you try to work on them for a few minutes when you get a chance on the ice.  Goalie camps definitely help, but once they are over, they are over; there is no continuous improvement.

Turning Pro Is A 12-Month Individual Online Coaching Program That Takes A Completely Different Approach To Your Development

It is the year-round off-ice training that takes centre stage in this program.  And don't worry, it isn't like most of the goalie camps you go to where the off-ice sessions are one big bagger. You know exactly what I mean, don't you?

You get a bag session on the ice, then you get a bag session off the ice and THAT just makes you so exhausted for the final on-ice bagger of the day that you are in survival mode by the end of each day.

Turning Pro isn't like that.

Instead Of Gambling On One Week, You Are Investing In An Entire Year.
You Get 12 Months Of Custom Designed Online Training + Individual Access To Coach Maria.

We don't have to squeeze a year's worth of work into 3 days or a week.  We get to spend an entire year working together on what YOU need.

So, while you pay $1200-1500 or more for 5 days at an elite goalie camp, at the end of the 5 days, THAT'S IT.

We both know it takes more than 5-days to reach your potential.

Turning Pro is based on our #OneDayBetter philosophy. Where you develop a level of competency and proficiency at one level followed by a new challenge to stimulate continuous development over time.

It's not like drinking from a fire hose for a week thinking you won't be thirsty for the rest of the year.  Does that make sense?

This is how goalies develop over time to stop more pucks this month than last month and next month stop EVEN MORE.

Rather than getting one big HIT and then getting stuck on a plateau until the next camp, you will feel a big boost right from the start as we work on what YOU need at your stage of development.

We develop a clear vision of where you want to go in the next 12-months and HOW we are going to get there.

Then you continue to whittle away at your GAA from month to month as your SV% goes up, up, up.

“Building strength and stability to play a more aggressive game.”
Grant Adams, NCAA DI commit
“From AA to AAA for Notre Dame Hounds, using a completely different approach.”
Owen Petten

"The missing ingredient for so many goalies is they lack the tools to perform on the ice.  They may know what to do, but cannot execute it with speed, balance and precision and that is where Maria’s off-ice training programs have been a game changer.  Her style of training not only develops a more efficient and consistent goalie, but also a durable one who can enjoy a long and productive career.

Mike Valley, NHL Goaltending Consultant
AXIS Talent Management

“The more I get to know Maria as a professional and a friend, the more impressed I become with her work. Not only is she extremely effective with what she teaches her students, but also how she does it. This innate passion and teaching ability, combined with all of her programs, is an invaluable part of the goalie community.  She's a big reason why goalies around the world are stronger, smarter, and more aware of our bodies than ever before.”

Justin Goldman, Founder, The Goalie Guild

Is Turning Pro Right For Me?
Step One:
Ask Yourself Three Questions
Is becoming the best goalie possible a mission for me (or is it just a wish)?
Am I willing to put in the time and energy to actually do the work over the next 12-months?
Am I coachable; can I follow instructions and provide feedback to Maria during our monthly coaching calls?
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If you answered "YES" to all three questions, then proceed to STEP 2…
Step Two:
Click The Button Below & Fill In The Application. It Is FREE To Apply.
Application Is FREE. What Have You Got To Lose?
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Step Three:
Book In For Your Interview With Coach Maria To Ensure It’s Right For You.

Based on your application, a handful of you will be offered a telephone/FaceTime interview where I will answer any questions you have about Turning Pro, so I can learn a little more about you, so I can hear in your voice the commitment you have to your mission.

Because I will be custom designing your training programs for a full 12-months (and that takes quite a bit of time and brain power 💪) I will only be able to accept a few goalies at this time.

Don't let that stop you from applying, you are not wasting my time if you believe in your mission. I will make my decision based on your passion for the mission, not based on your current level of play.

AA? Beer League? Jr C? Pro? ... I don't care.

I love helping motivated goalies who are ready to take action, the level doesn't matter.

Having said all that, please don't be disappointed if you don't get invited for an interview. I get a lot of applicants and there are only a few spots available.

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Step Four – Last Step!
Accept Your Offer To Join The Inner Circle & Enter Into The Turning Pro Coaching Program.
Schedule Your First Private Coaching Call And Start Training!
REVIEW: What’s Included
The Complete Turning Pro Coaching Program, One-on-one With Coach Maria Mountain
12 months of custom off-ice training program design based on your specific needs, schedule, equipment availability.
Monthly coaching calls so we can assess what's going well, what we need to work on and how to manage your schedule.
Access to the Turning Pro training app where your workouts are uploaded.  This is where you see EXACTLY what workouts and exercises to do based on your schedule.  You can view embedded videos of each and every exercise and you will record your workouts, so we can both monitor your progress.  And if you like an old-school printed version you can do that too.
Unlimited SMS support using the private messaging feature in the Turning Pro training app.
12 months of custom off-ice training program design based on your specific needs, schedule, equipment availability.
Turning Pro is NOT for you if…

Turning Pro is not right for everyone. Not everyone will achieve their potential. Turning Pro is not for you if:

You think 'politics' is what's holding you back from becoming the goalie of your dreams.
You believe there is a quick fix or gimmick to help you reach your potential.
You think you can miss workouts, but then work 'extra hard' to catch up.
You rely on your parent, partner or coach to 'motivate' you to do your training.
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If You’ve Been Looking & Waiting For That One Piece Of The Puzzle To Fall Into Place…
Turning Pro Coaching Could Be The Key You Need To Achieve Your Goals.

I have been in the Turning Pro Coaching Program for over a year. Before my enrollment, I was always stiff and had a bad habit of small pulls and strains all over my body. Almost immediately after I began working with Maria, I started seeing huge differences. Now, I feel better than ever and I am consistently healthy and ready to go. On top of those tangible differences, the ability to talk with Maria every month is invaluable. She's a great coach but an even better person. To me, joining Turning Pro was the best decision of my hockey career so far.

Eli Harris-Trent
Minor Hockey Goalie

I have been working with Maria for almost 10 years now and she's helped me develop as a minor athlete up through my college ranks and now on to my 3rd pro season... If it wasn't for Maria's training plan and our in-season and off-season training I don't think I would be in the same spot.

Steven Altman
Minor to Pro Goalie

I came to Maria with specific goals in mind on what I needed to do to improve my game.  With her help and guidance I have been able to achieve my goals and be more confident because of that.  I was able to lose weight while gaining speed and strength.  Those tools have directly translated onto the ice and my coaches and teammates have noticed.

Jimmy Poreda
NCAA Goalie

Will It Work For Me?

Is this program right for my 11 year old?


This is an advanced online coaching program for goalies who need an individualized approach to get every advantage possible to achieve their goals over the next 3-5 years.  Goalies under the age of 14 are not eligible.  Most of the goalies in this program are 16-25 years of age, but there are some exceptional 14 year olds and super motivated adult goalies who have seen amazing results.

What if I live in Norway?
That is fine. Turning Pro goalies come from all over the world!  We have a monthly strategy call to discuss your schedule, your body, your nutrition, your recovery, etc.  Then I set about crafting your workout for the next month (next training phase).  The program is delivered via the Goalie Training Pro app where you can see video tutorials of my teaching you each exercise – exactly what to do, how many reps, sets, your exact tempo, your training schedule – everything.  And if you need help, there is a private SMS integrated into the app, so you just ask.
Is there a payment plan?
Yes, I am offering you monthly instalments, we can go over the details if your application is successful.
My team does off-ice training together, so how does that work?
Great question – most of the goalies in the Turning Pro Coaching program are on teams that do off-ice training as a group and if you are like them, the ‘goalie-specific’ element is pretty lacking :)  Some coaches are thrilled that their goalie has sought out specific training and they will let the goalie do their own program, some are not and they want everyone to do the same thing.  If that is the case, then we use our workouts to fill in the gaps taking into account the volume and intensity of your team workouts – we don’t want to over work you.
Application Is FREE. What Have You Got To Lose?
How Do I Get Started?
STEP 1  Answer these questions.
Is becoming the best goalie possible a mission for me or just a wish?
Am I willing to put in the work over the next 12 months?
Am I coachable, can I follow instructions and provide feedback to Coach Maria?
STEP 2  Click the button below & fill in the Application. It is FREE to apply.
STEP 3  Schedule a phone interview with Maria when your application is accepted (check your email).
STEP 4  Accept your offer to join the Turning Pro Coaching Program and schedule your first private coaching call.  
Need customer support?  Just email help[at]goalietrainingpro.com
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